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Blog One- Importance of Hiring Professionals

August 9, 2017

Ok, first let me say that I am beyond excited to be writing my first blog post! I’m even more excited that it’s about something that is so important to me. The bridal beauty business is not just my job it is truly something that I am passionate about.

Let’s get right into it, shall we? I get asked a lot if paying someone for hair and makeup on your wedding day is really a necessity. My answer is never a short one. There are so many reasons why I believe that having your hair and makeup done for your wedding should be a top priority. It should be right up there in your budget with a venue, music, photographer, videographer, florist, and apparel.

Let’s break it down: whether you are great at doing your hair and makeup every day or hardly ever do your hair and makeup it is important to hire a professional for your wedding day. A true professional will be able to work with you to understand what your vision is and make it a reality. Our job as professionals is to assess all aspects of your dress, hair accessories, wedding colors, bone structure, and make your vision a reality. We will help you understand the look that will not only fit your personality the best but also make you feel amazing as well.

Now maybe you’re thinking “Why can’t I just go to a makeup counter, get lessons, and buy the products they use and do my own makeup on my wedding day?” Well you could do that, however are these products water proof? Long lasting? Will they cause flashback when your pictures are being taken? Will you be so nervous your shaky hands won’t allow you to “paint” your face correctly. Is it worth the risk?

Or how about this: your friend is great at doing her own hair and has offered to do yours for your wedding. Is she using long lasting sprays? Will she use shaping products and teasing techniques to make it hold long into the night? Does she know how to build a shelf into an updo that your veil will sit in correctly so once its removed it won’t destroy your hair? Does the style that she has created cover up the top half of that beautiful expensive dress you are wearing? Will she be able to make your fly a way’s lay flat so they aren’t noticed in pictures and in person? These are all things professionals are conscious of while doing your hair.

A huge reason why you must hire a professional is sanitation. A few girls getting ready swapping products and makeup brushes is not a safe thing to do. There are so many viruses and bacteria that can be spread doing this it can cause more harm than good. A license professional will constantly be sanitizing products, washing their hands, and of course using a different set of brushes per person.

You want to know my personal favorite reason why I think it’s a must to hire professionals? It’s fun. We come to your venue so you are relaxed. You can stay in your pj’s and drink champagne and enjoy the last few hours of being single with your favorite ladies. It’s one less thing for you to stress about. We take care of a timeline so you aren’t rushing around minutes before walking down the aisle. We make sure your bridesmaids have a cohesive look so your pictures look amazing. Let’s be honest, the pictures and videos will last a lifetime. If you don’t look your best, you will not feel your best and that will show in the pictures you have paid a small fortune for. We want you to radiate joy on your wedding day because those pictures will be around for a lifetime!

So, in short, professionals know how to make you look and feel your best, while using pro products that are made specifically for lasting a long time and being in front of the camera. We know tips and tricks that will accentuate your best features while helping to disguise areas that you aren’t so comfortable with.

Hiring a licensed hairstylist and makeup artist is worth every penny.

Written by Ashley Risbara